Journaling in India - Final Chapter (for now)

Never Give up Your practice

Always let go of your attatchements 

Class 2020!
Class 2020!

It feels that I came here yesterday. I can't realize that it has been 3 weeks gone by already. I did not really know what I was getting into when I came, but I sure know now that it was really well spent Christmas holiday and a perfect start for a New Year 2020!

It's amazing that there are such a bunch of people from all over the world (11 nationalities in our class) and we all got along so good. I have absolutely no bad word about anyone here. And I am sure I will miss all and each one of these guys when I am back home. 

I have enjoyed all the classes and a huge thank you goes to our magnificent teacher team: Deepti, Nikhil and Shashank. Each and every teacher had their own unique way of teaching and once you kind of got used to it, it has been chanting journey to be in the classes. 

I love Deeptis happiness and the great attitude towards yoga and practice. Once she said "we must laugh in our classes" and I really do agree! She gave us many variations of many asanas, made us learn multiple styles adjusting your students and she made us feel like home. There was no right and wrong, there was only practice more and you will learn. She also courages us to make our own style of yoga, which I think is the best way of teaching today! Great teacher with a very warm spirit. 

Nikhil guided us through yoga philosophy. First I was struggling in understanding, because there were many weird terms (also in english and sanskrit) but as the time went by, it felt easier to listen. Nikhil was always calm and there was always time for questions. Great attitude towards teaching and sharing knowledge. 

In Shashank classes I immediately felt like home. From the very start, his classes reminded me of my old classes that I took when I was younger. Only thing I was wondering was - is he always so serious. But after a day or two there was a smile that you could not forget - and since then I could see a little spark in his eyes. He made us do sometimes very hard classes, but it was always worth it. 

As the teachers said - each and one of us will give beautiful yoga classes all over the world, so if you see: 
Keeping their classes - make sure that you do a reservation to their class and have an awesome time with you and your Yoga mat! You will love it!

To the end I would like to quote Gigi - who gave us a beautiful class today - just because sharing is caring:

"If you are lost, just find your way to a downward facing dog - it's a pretty great place to be."

-Gianna Brandofino

With my heart full of great memories and mind filled with many new things, 

I say thank you for 

all the teachers, 

my fellow students 

and all the wonderful staff of Rishikesh Yogpeeth Abhayaranya

It has been a pleasure to be here! 

Hope to see you again some day some way!

Sincerely Yours,
Ulpu Puhakka - Kehonhallinnan Koreografi